Google App Gets Split Into Upcoming and Feed Tabs

Google App Gets Split Into Upcoming and Feed TabsGoogle keeps tweaking the features on its suite of apps, and on Tuesday, the company rolled out one such feature to the Google Search app (aka Google app). To recall, Google was testing a new ‘Upcoming’ tab feature back in October on its Google Search app for Android, effectively separating current interests and upcoming personal information into Feed and Upcoming tabs. The Upcoming tab has now started rolling out for Android users, and will be made available to the Google app for iOS users soon.

Google announced this major change to its Search app on its Keyword Search blog, saying, cards will now be “organised into two sections: a feed that keeps you current on your interests like sports, news, and entertainment, and a section for your upcoming personal info, like flights, appointments and more.”

As we mentioned, the Google Search app for Android will begin showing two tabs one of which, named Feed, lists the user’s general interests items, emails, weather, and the news, whereas the Upcoming tab will show personalised items like upcoming events, travel time for commute, purchase orders, package delivery info, and more. Earlier, the Google Search app had a single News feed interface where all the information regarding user’s preferences, news, weather, favourite sports team appeared, as well as any personalised information.

The new tab interface has also narrowed down the cards that earlier used to have a comfortable view. The weather card is now compact by omitting the entire week’s forecast and bearing just the current temperature in your city (and other location if you have it configured under Google’s weather settings), with temperature conditions and maximum and minimum temperature mentioned under the highlighted temperature.

Google will prioritise the cards in accordance with what it thinks are the most important topics for you. You can still swipe cards if you think they are of no interest to you or have gone the past the event. Apart from that, the tabs that are categorically different (for e.g., sports, entertainment, music etc.) now have distinct and bolder lines to separate them from the clutter.

Besides the Upcoming and Feed tabs, Google says users in the US will be able to further organise their Feed section by selecting topics of interest that they’d like to see more information about – they can perform this selection from a separate card in their Feed. This last feature will be rolling out to more countries in the coming months.

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