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Every day more and more technology is developed to make your life easier. These technologies range from smartphones to smartwatches to smartlights and more. But a favorite newer smart item that homeowners love is smart thermostats — specifically Carrier’s Infinity Touch Thermostat. Want to know why? Here are six really cool features of the Infinity Touch you will love.

Customizable Scheduling


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Not every day of your life is the same, so why should your daily heating and cooling needs be? With the Infinity Touch thermostat, you can customize your heating and cooling schedule. Maximize your programmable thermostat’s potential by adjusting the schedule to fit the specific days and times that you are home and away, and when you want to be hotter or cooler. Preset the temperature to warm in the morning so that you don’t get out of bed to a cold house. Customize the schedule fit your needs.

Vacation Setting

Are you going away on vacation, or are there times when you are away for more than a day? If so, take advantage of the vacation settings. In addition to the regular daily schedule you set, you can set a vacation setting that reduces the amount of energy used to heat and cool your home.

Weather Forecasting

If you are worried that your outdoor temperatures are going to change during the week and that your customizable schedule is not set to meet your heating and cooling needs, just take a look at the weather forecasting on your Infinity Touch thermostat. Not only can you see what the weather is today, but you can look four days into the future and see outdoor temperatures as well as precipitation predictions.


Just because you put your Infinity Touch thermostat on a customized schedule doesn’t mean that periodically you aren’t going to want to change the temperature. With the Infinity Touch thermostat, all you have to do is tap the Touch-N-Go icon and change your temperature to something more comfortable. It really is that simple.

Track Energy Spending

The app that comes with your Infinity Touch thermostat allows you to do many things including track your energy spending. The app can create reports to show you how much energy you are using daily, monthly, and annually. You can compare months or even make year-to-year comparisons. It is all great information for anyone looking to manage their energy spending.

Photo Upload

Most thermostats are not what you would call attractive features on your wall. In fact, you probably try to hide it among art or other wall hangings. But, with the Infinity Touch, you no longer need to hide it. Instead, upload a photo of your choice and transform the sleep screen into a framed photograph. Place other framed photos around your thermostat and see how easily the thermostat blends into your collage.

Now you know why so many people are raving about Carrier’s Infinity Touch — you too will love it if you just give it a try.

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